Buy IAL System Duo 1ml


Buy IAL system duo 1ml


IAL duo system 1ml is a sterile, light, transparent, multi-crosslinked HA-based monophasic gel, created using the patented MUCHO technology.

Transparent, sterile, monophasic viscous gel.
The total content of HA: 25 mg/ml.
The free BDDE content: <0.2 ppm.
Bacterial endotoxin: <0.02 EU/mg.
pH 5-7.

The entire DUO system consists of stabilized HA (25 mg/ml concentration) and HA-ACP ether (25% of total volume). It has a dense consistency while remaining a plastic, elastic and transparent gel. The presence of two types of chemical modification (BDDE stabilization and ether linkage) provides two types of HA biodegradation, leading to the following clinical effects:

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