Buy BCN Meso Pen + 2 batteries 9029


BCN Meso Pen 2 Pilas 9029

Meso Pen es un mecanismo electrónico de microagujas que abre más de 1.000 microcanales por segundo en la piel, facilitando la introducción de principios activos.

 Buy BCN Meso Pen + 2 batteries 9029

Meso Pen is an electronic micro-needling mechanism that opens more than 1,000 micro channels per second in the skin, facilitating the introduction of active ingredients. Buy BCN Meso Pen + 2 batteries 9029

What are BCN Meso Pen + 2 Batteries 9029?

Delivered with: instruction manual, 2 x 12-needle microneedle cartridges, 2 batteries, and an adapter (110-220V).

Buy Ben BCN Meso Pen – Buy Pills Online.


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